10 Brisbane Locations Featured in Episodes of Bluey

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Posted 2023-07-16 by Gillian Chingfollow
If you have kids, you will no doubt be familiar with the escapades of the lovable Bluey, the Blue Heeler dog in the animation show of the same name which screens on the ABC. But did you know that the backgrounds of many of the episodes are based on Brisbane buildings and spaces?

The lovable Bluey is an Australian animated television series designed for pre-schoolers that was created by Joe Brumm with Queensland production group Ludo Studio.

When the first season of Bluey launched in 2018, the show was played 261 million times on ABC's iview platform. And it has only grown from strength to strength.

The fun, family-focused show features the speaking voices of popular Australian musicians such as David McCormack (from Custard), jazz and indie singer Megan Washington, and radio and television presenter, Myf Warhurst and locations with a foundation in Brisbane.

If you look closely, you may be able to spot some well-known and local Brisbane landmarks where Bluey and her Heeler family, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli, visit on their exciting adventures.

One of the great things about Bluey is that many of her experiences (yes Bluey is a girl) are ones that we can all relate to and are sometimes so familiar that we have in fact lived them ourselves.

Now there is an even greater opportunity to live like Bluey by visiting and seeing some of the very sites and venues that feature in an animated form in the hit tv show.

Here are 10 landmarks that I found:
1. The Golden Crown Restaurant **
This Chinese restaurant located in Ashgrove features in the Bluey episode, "Takeaway Chaos", where the family are battling water hydrants, hot spicy foods and trying to find a toilet.

The Golden Crown is an Ashgrove icon. In fact, my grandmother was a waitress at the restaurant during the 70s and would bring home packets of noodle and prawn chips for me as a treat. That's how long the shop has operated on this main Ashgrove thoroughfare to and from the city.

It's a little well worn for sure but that's what makes it a classic as it continues to offer the long time favourites we expect at a Chinese restaurant – dim sims, chinky chow mein, and fluffy fried rice.

The Golden Crown is located at 336 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove.

2. The Ashgrove Library
Ashgrove's local council library features in the Bluey episode titled "Promises" and is about keeping and breaking promises and building trust. Stepping through the main entry doors and you will see the similarity between Blue's adventure and the real library.

Renovations to the library in recent years have seen the addition of a Queenslanders style back deck overlooking a park and children's playground. The deck is also shown in the episode.

The Ashgrove Library is located at Amarina Avenue, Ashgrove.

If you look on the front door and beside the returns shoot, you might see a sticker that authenticates that "Bluey was here"

3. The New Farm Park Rotunda
New Farm Park is one of Brisbane's oldest parks and is located at Brunswick Street, New Farm. A centrepiece of the park is the heritage styled Rotunda which hosts music performances, weddings and tai chi lessons. So of course Bluey and the Heelers couldn't visit the park without checking out the Rotunda.

4. Bunnings at Keperra
We call it Bunnings but that super building, home and garden warehouse is known to Bluey as Hammerbarn. Bunnings at Keperra features as Hammerbarn in the episode which includes guest appearances from comedian Hamish Blake A a labrador who works as a Hammerbarn employee, and his author wife Zoe Foster Blake, who plays a checkout dog.

5. St Brigids Church, Red Hill
If you have ever been through Red Hill, it is likely you have seen the regal and holy St Brigid's Church. If you look closely, you might see the church in background location shots on Bluey.

St Brigid's Church, a heritage-listed Roman Catholic church, stands proudly on top of Red Hill with spectacular views of the Brisbane skyline at 78 Musgrave Road. This red brick house of worship was designed by Robin Dods and built from 1912 to 1914. To see it for yourself, head to Waterworks Road on your inward and outbound trip to the Brisbane CBD.

6. Woolcock Park
Woolcock Park is the setting for the Bluey episode titled, "Bike" which is about persistence and not giving up as Bluey tries to ride her bike. The bike paths, water fountains and kids climbing equipment are all in Woolcock Park for kids to try just like Bluey and Bingo.

8. The Brisbane Powerhouse
The Episode call "Spy Games" sees the gang having a picnic in the outdoors at the beautiful Brisbane River beside the re-purposed performing arts and culture venue, the Brisbane Powerhouse.

7. Brisbane City Cats
In the same episode, while dad is cooking sausages on the barbie and Bluey and Bingo are playing on the lawns, you can see Brisbane City Cats cruising past the park. What's Brisbane without its favourite watercraft!

9. Jacaranda Trees
It's hard to miss the lavender coloured blooms of Jacaranda Trees in Brisbane in November each year. Parks, curbsides and homes create a carpet of purple blooms right before the start of summer and during school and University exam times. And Bluey doesn't miss being sprinkled by falling jacaranda flower petals.

10. Enoggera Reservoir
In the episode "The Creek", the Heelers ditch the playground to take a trip in the outdoors to visit the waterways, spot some tadpoles and meekly climb over rocks. Where is the creek? Well, Blueys' dad only needed to go 5 kms from the city to reach Enoggera Resoirvoir at The Gap where there are walking trails and a vast expanse of water to explore.

So there you have it. Ten places in Brisbane that are easily accessible and free to enter where you can visit to have you very own Bluey adventure. Why not check out these places for yourself and see what makes Brisbane Bluey's playground.


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