Benefits of joining a clinical trial in Australia

Benefits of joining a clinical trial in Australia

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Clinical trials are the foundation of medical progress. It is a scientific study that evaluates the effectiveness and safety of a new medical intervention, such as a drug or device, on human subjects. This is why trials go through a stringent process, following a predefined protocol or plan that outlines the objectives, methodology, data analysis strategies, and execution mechanisms.

In essence, clinical trials are a crucial step in bringing new treatment options to the market. It then comes as no surprise that millions of people volunteer to become part of this testing process.

The Benefits of Joining a Clinical Trial
By participating in a clinical trial, you are instrumental in growing the knowledge base on the most effective approaches in disease prevention, detection, and treatment—a priceless and valuable contribution to society and to the world of medicine.

However, joining a clinical trial also provides significant advantages for you, as a patient, particularly gaining access to the most current treatment options available. This opens the opportunity to explore innovative solutions to better manage their illness—the key reason as to why many individuals choose to participate with the hope that the investigated treatment will provide more efficacious results compared to standard medications and procedures.

What You Need to Know About Participating in a Clinical Trial
Joining a clinical trial can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first attempt. Here are some facts you need to learn of before finally signing on:

  • Where Clinical Trials are Conducted: Clinical trials can take place in different settings such as homes, hospitals, universities, doctors’ offices, and community clinics.
  • Informed Consent: To participate in a trial, you will need to sign an informed consent, stating that you agree to the trial methods and understand the possible risks, benefits, and costs.
  • Take Note of Your Rights: You can ask as many questions as you like and can drop out at any time.
  • Clinical Trials Should Comply with the Law: Every legal clinical trial has a regulatory and ethical framework to protect participants. Organisations conducting clinical trials have strict legal and ethical responsibilities related by law. Each trial is reviewed by an Ethics Review Board (or Institutional Review Boards or Independent Ethics Committees). An ERB ensures that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of the individuals participating.
  • Types of Clinical Trials You Can Explore:
  • + Treatment - trialing new medications, devices, or surgical techniques which may not be available to the general public
    + Prevention - implementing potential treatment (medications, vaccines, or vitamins) or lifestyle changes to prevent disease
    + Screening or Diagnosis - exploring diagnostic tests to see if they are effective at detecting diseases or conditions

    Now that you have a better idea of what clinical trials are all about, the next question is, how can you find the most viable trials for you?

    Helping accelerate and empower a more efficient clinical trial process is, a clinical trial predictor with an accuracy rate of +90% - the highest in the market to date. By harnessing the power of AI and GPT-4, delivers customized recommendations that help streamline trial design, execution, and drug mechanism of action. empowers patients, healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, and investors with the foresight needed for effective decision-making in real-time.

    In just a few clicks, you can:
  • Explore potential treatment options and understand what each trial is about
  • Determine the likelihood of success in clinical trials at a glance
  • Identify the trials that are currently and actively recruiting
  • Recognise promising areas of research
  • Gain actionable insights aimed at enhancing every facet of trial design
  • Identify relevant trials in your therapeutic area of concern, and their closest competitors

  • TrialKey’s core purpose is to accelerate and empower more efficient clinical trial processes, ultimately leading to significant medical research advancements for the benefit of all.

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