Get Kids in the Kitchen this Father's Day

Spoil Dad this year and have the kids help to whiz up something sensational in the kitchen this Father's Day.

Children will love to make Dad a special meal (with your help), and they can measure, beat, mix, stir, pour or roll to their heart's content.

Not only is cooking a fun way to have some quality time with your little ones, but the finished product will also make them feel proud and help with their confidence and self esteem.

This Father's Day my kids have helped to come up with a list of brunch, lunch, dinner and snack ideas to cook for Dad, and there is also a sneaky treat for the parents... go deserve it!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your aprons, have fun and I hope you have a fantastic Father's Day!

Happy days! Fun and giggles in the kitchen

If Dad is a savoury man then these pizza style omelettes or ricotta pancakes are the perfect brunch idea. Kids can help measure the ingredients, mix and pour the batter into the pan and with a little help can roll the omelette and flip the pancakes at the end.

Or why not celebrate in style with a glass of bubbles and sweet potato rosti, smoked salmon and poached egg? The kids can help grate the sweet potato, mix the rosti and roll the salmon.

Savoury brunch - mix, pour, roll or flip

For Dads with a sweet tooth then have the kids help you whip up some chocolate crepes with bananas or foolproof crepes with strawberries. They're delicious and the kids will love to help with beating the eggs, making the batter and cutting the fruit.

These crepes are perfect for any occasion- my kids love to roll them, choose their filling, pour on the sauce and eat them. It is hard to wipe the grins off their face!

The kids will have fun making and eating these sweet crepes

You can't go wrong with a bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato (BELT) sandwich. Little kids can help butter the toast and older ones can help cook the bacon. One thing is certain, this is one that everyone will love to eat!

Something nice about a homemade BELT

Planning on enjoying the Spring weather on a lovely Father's Day picnic? Before you go, use a beer (yes a beer!) to make this quick and easy easy olive and rosemary focaccia. Yummy to taste and kids can help stir the dough and cut and place the olives. This is an simple, knead free dough that you can also personalise with different ingredients if olives aren't dad's thing.

Or if your family love pizza, why not make a quick yeast free pizza bread to take on your picnic?

And the best thing is that both recipes can be made gluten and lactose free so no one has to miss out. All you need to do is pack a salad, drinks, balls, bikes or scooters and have fun!

Olive and rosemary focaccia or pizza bread? Both are yum!

After a fun filled day, it's a great idea to wind down in the afternoon in front of a movie and share a bucket of coloured popcorn and some cherry ripe logs and balls.

The perfect audience snack and kids will love to shake up their popcorn and watch the colour change.

Popcorn and cherry ripe balls and a movie...relaxing

The kids can tear lettuce, mix the garlic herb butter and wrap the beef in the bacon wrapped fillet mignon.

If you have time, why not show the kids how to marinate the smokey BBQ pork belly a day or two in advance? The sauce isn't too spicy for little ones and the crunchy crackling will be a huge hit with Dad.

Dads will love the fillet mignon and crispy BBQ pork belly

Another great dinner option is the pineapple rice boat, a firm favourite at our house for special occasions.

Big and little kids may also like to munch on these chicken nuggets and more so if they have helped coat the chicken with egg and toss in crumbs.

My kids love this pineapple boat and chicken nuggets

If dessert is Dad's best friend then why not get the kids to help cook up a delicious cake for afters. They can beat the eggs and help make the flourless chocolate fudge cake -a huge hit with Chocoholics!

If chocolate isn't the way to impress Dad then the heart warming apple crumble surely will. It's a classic family favourite, and great to make with little helpers.

Dessert.... yum!

And once the kids are in bed...
These are just for you and your man. Snuggle with a drink and share some delicious date night chocolate strawberries. Relax and indulge, you deserve it!

The perfect indulgent treat

[INTRO If you want to go the extra mile for Dad this Father's Day, then why don't you and the kids head into the kitchen and cook up something special? Here are some awesome Brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas that are not only delicious, but are so easily made that even the little ones can get stuck in.]

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