How to Capture a Great Photo of your Baby!

Hi Brisbane mums!

My name is Ashlynne and I'm here to offer you some of my tips and hints on how to capture that perfect shot of your precious little one!

We all know professional photos can get pricey! And while you may get some professional photos taken at special times in your bubs life, it's good to know how to capture a great shot yourself.

1. Firstly, every beautiful bub out there has their own wonderful personality and thats exactly what we want shining through. Whether your baby is particularly happy, cheeky and playful or serious- the key is timing.

My bub is six months old and I find the best time is after she's had a decent nap, a good feed and a change. It's then play time and all the giggles and smiles come out for the camera.

2. Lighting is also very important when it comes to getting that great photo of your precious angel. It's best to set up next to a window or in a room with great light streaming through and have the light behind the camera not facing it. You want that light to shine through onto your gorgeous bub.

3. It's also a great idea to have a background that is all one colour. So lay your little one against a nice pillow or on a soft blanket. Patterns tend to clutter the photo and we want your child to be the main focus.

4. In order to encourage plenty of smiles and make sure your baby is looking in the right direction, it's a good idea to use a favourite toy and hold it up right next to the camera for little one to focus on.

5. You might also want to just snap away continuously whilst encouraging bub to bring out that gorgeous grin. If you take plenty of pics, you are guaranteed to get a couple of prize winners!

6. It can sometimes help to use an app such as Instagram to edit the photo, even if it's just to lighten the photo ever so slightly and it can be fun to try out black and white filters. However, I bet that pic looks perfect just as it is.

7. Sometimes whilst out with my family, there are some beautiful picture perfect moments and to capture them I have to live "out" of the moment. I don't mind doing this as sometimes it's worth taking a step back to capture such magical, natural photographs! Some of the best photo's are of people when they are just being themselves.

8. Also be prepared to be a bit silly if you are trying to get some great shots out and about. You may see even see me at a park with my bub and camera playing peek a boo trying to entice a big grin!

9. Last but not least, when choosing a professional photographer it is best to get recommendations from family and friends to avoid disappointment.

Also, be aware of anything that seems too good to be true. If you have won a competition, be sure to ask exactly what that includes.

Some vendors do not tell you until after the "free" photoshoot that you in fact have to pay for the extremely high priced photos. This can make it difficult on some families and can also be disheartening if you have to say goodbye to photos you have already fallen in love with.

Likewise with those seemingly "free" shoots in the malls. They forget to tell you that the photos themselves aren't free, only the actual taking of them. Unfortunately I know a lot of people who have fallen prey to these misleading advertisements.

Occasionally though, you'll have prepared none of those things and have the best opportunity for a great pic so my biggest tip? Always have your camera near! I've got a great photo of my cheeky bub poking her tongue out and whilst it doesn't look exactly professional, it's most certainly my favourite.

I'll add some examples of my own photos I've been taking at home. I hope you have a great time taking photos of all your beautiful bubs- happy snapping!


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