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Kooroomba Lavender Farm & Vineyard

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Posted 2023-04-23 by Chandra Clementsfollow

Beautiful means so many different things to different people. Perhaps the word is used so freely these days that it waters down its impact for when something really hits the mark. For me, beauty can be found in a sweeping landscape, dotted with purple and greys and greens, volcanic mountains touched by subtle afternoon rays, a timeless stone building, and an open-air chapel made of wood that has to be seen to be believed. Kooroomba Lavender Farm, Restaurant and Vineyard offers all of this and more.

Located at 168 F.M. Bells Road, Mount Alford (via Boonah QLD), this is a special place for a weekend visit or lunch. I took the kids for an afternoon of sweet delights, wallaby spotting, roaming through the abundant fields of lavender, a swing on the rustic huge wooden swing, a play under the sun and some photographic opportunities like no other. I really can't capture the beauty of this place in this article so whatever you are picturing right now, times it by three. There is an onsite shop selling every kind of lavender hand cream, fash wash, body lotion and potion you could need. There are chocolates and jams, bath soaks, and lavender bears. The restaurant is available for fine dining indoors or casual dining outdoors overlooking the stunning mountains. (Make a booking in advance if you wish to dine in the indoor restaurant .

On Sundays, a musician will fill your soul with soothing beats and the kids will play on the green grass directly outside the great wooden doors to the main building. We were lucky enough to meet a few couples planning on getting married at this location and the look on their faces said it all. It was stunning for a visit, yet for a wedding it must be off the chart. The photos on the wall of the reception area surely drive the standard for weddings through the roof.

This is a solid drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast through fertile farming and horse country. There are heaps of great country spots to visit on the way out or back from Kooroomba so allocate a full day for this adventure. My babes complained about the drive out, until they started animal spotting and then it became the trip of the year! When we arrived and were greeted by two wallabies sniffing the lavender and guarding their young one near the entrance to the vineyard, all signs of fatigue left. My problem quickly became how to get them back in the car......oh, that was closely followed by the problem of my wanting to take a hundred photos of them in the fields of lavender and from the sanctuary of the enormous, open-air, wooden chapel. I am sure you will agree the photo-taking expedition was a success. This has nothing to do with my skills and everything to do with the ambience of this venue. It would be hard to take a bad photo in this location.

The coffee here comes highly recommended. Dancing here on the lawn on a Sunday afternoon with the kids also comes highly recommended. Visiting Lake Moogerah or Boonah playground, or any of the local parks around Boonah on the way home helps break up the travel. I can also recommend the lavender hand wash as the most delicious-smelling toiletry product you may ever buy. Be sure to have a moment with the family on the outdoor swing, and keep your eyes peeled for the sweetest wildlife in and around Mount Alford . Entry to the lavender farm and vineyard is free, and parking is ample a short stroll from the venue. The car will get dirty on the drive out and in the carpark as it's dusty when dry, but that is a small price to pay for such a memorable weekend venture.

Be sure to check their Facebook page for opening days as they conduct a lot of weddings here and close often for these exclusive events. You don't want to drive that far only to uncover the venue is closed. You would be so disappointed as this is a destination you need to visit and you need to immerse yourself thoroughly in.


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