NeedleCalm: the innovative medical device reducing the discomfort associated with needle-related procedures

If you have a fear of needles and are uneasy or nervous about about receiving your vaccination injection, you are not alone.

Trypanophobia is the fear of needles, and is reported to affect approximately one in four Australians.

But there is good news...

A breakthrough Australian medical device assisting with the reduction of needle-associated pain (like immunisation, venepuncture and catheterisation procedures often associated with vaccinations, blood donations and tests, and cancer treatment), is now available for Australian families.

This band-aid works by using a medical technique referred to as closing the gate’ between the needle injection site in the arm and pain receptors in the brain.

The Australian-owned and manufactured NeedleCalm recently received Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval and can be used in over 60 per cent of Australia’s approximately 128 million needle procedures carried out annually.

The Benefits of NeedleCalm:

developed by nurses
medication free
use on both children and adults
use on multiple injection sites
use immediately prior to needle insertion eliminating the need for lengthy waiting times
when refrigerated prior to use clinical studies show that a combination of cooling and blunt skin contacts points creates an additive effect in activating gate control
a more cost-effective solution when compared with other pain management solutions

How does NeedleCalm work?

NeedleCalm is single-use, made of medical-grade silicone consisting of an inner layer with short, blunt skin contact points and an outer layer which when cooled, may further reduce pain.

The device is secured to the patient’s skin no more than 5cm above the anticipated site of the needle immediately prior to the procedure. The device applies light pressure and a mild cooling sensation to stimulate the skin at the injection site.

Based on the gate control theory of pain, the sensation produced by NeedleCalm on the skin blocks the flow of pain signals to the brain.

Lauren Barber, CEO and Founder of NeedleCalm, said the company and its products had an opportunity to play a pivotal role in ensuring Australia – and other countries – overcomes key barriers to achieving herd immunity against infectious diseases, including COVID-19, as well as other critical healthcare avoidance.

“It’s easy to dismiss needle phobias, but they affect approximately 25 per cent of Australians, while a local study found one in five patients with a fear of needles reported avoiding healthcare."

To find out more and purchase NeedleCalm, visit their website today.

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