School Holiday Workshops for Girls this September Break

LIFE-Standing Strong – ‘Girls feel supported and happy, Parents feel relieved’

Is your daughter needing a little extra support? Does she need another perspective, or would it help if she understood that her peers are also going through what she is going through?

She will get that at LIFE – Standing Strong. She will also learn to appreciate her body and use it to keep her healthy. The LIFE program incorporates three components:
STRONG Body – which is movement and activities that get our bodies moving and strengthens them. * STRONG Mind is all about learning to think with a growth mindset and diving into relevant issues that girls are facing today.
STRONG Heart is about practicing mindfulness in a calm and quiet setting; learning techniques that help with stress and anxiety.

LIFE – Standing Strong is a safe space for girls to meet new friends, learn about themselves and take away strategies that will help them in their daily lives.


Girls Aged 5-15 yrs. Empowering, supportive and uplifting one day events designed to help girls build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

When: 20, 22, 28 & 29 September, 2021
Cost: $97.90
Book Online:

Who is behind LIFE?

A dedicated and caring teacher, Kim has taught children in Hong Kong, Melbourne and now Brisbane. She is dedicated to hearing every voice and making sure they get a chance to express their thoughts and feelings. Kim has worked as an early years and primary school teacher for 13 years. She thought it would be wonderful to work with children and youths in a different capacity than a classroom. Often children would speak to her at school about their upset, feelings and worry. With her new business at LIFE she is running the Standing Strong Program where she can be with smaller groups of girls and unpack these big feelings that girls come across whilst growing up.

Kim said, “It is a wonderful feeling to impact a young person’s life positively and know that they are gaining a lot from Standing Strong – it always keeps me coming back for more! And fills my heart with happiness!” Kim is also actively pursuing her Counselling qualifications at the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

What exactly is the program?
It is an evidence-based program, endorsed by Oprah Winfrey that started in 2013 in Perth. It is just catching on now around Australia; there are more Standing Strong programs to come! Ultimately it is a program where girls can come, be accepted by their peers, share their experiences and listen to others. There is always a different topic to cover in each class which is explored and dissected and talked out.

Should I sign my daughter up for a term class or workshop?
LIFE – Standing Strong believe that both will deliver tools to your daughter! Workshops are a super great way to experience what they do at LIFE- Standing Strong. Most kids who experience a workshop then ask their parents to join the term classes. The workshops give a taste of the program where several STRONG Mind topics are covered and incorporate exercise and mindfulness.

The term classes are where girls do a lot of work on themselves. Girls get a chance to make deeper connections with their peers and dive deeper into each topic in a cosier setting generally with fewer girls. The program is meant to be done over time, so that girls can really become familiar and comfortable with their peers and talking openly about the topics. It’s really all about sharing and unpacking the issues they are facing.

How do I make a booking?
There is an easy online booking system which can be found on the LIFE – Standing Strong website. Kim is also very responsive by phone and email.

What can I expect once I’ve made a booking?
You will receive an immediate confirmation of payment and enrolment in a class or workshop. Then a week or a few days before your booked class or workshop you will receive a reminder email with all the details of what to bring and what time to arrive.

What does my daughter need to bring to a class or workshop?
For classes, all she needs to bring is a water bottle and yoga mat (if she does not have one don’t worry, we have plenty of spares). For workshops, because they are a full day, she will need to bring her water bottle, yoga mat and lunch and morning tea snacks.

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