Spend a Day By The Bay

A yummy breakfast, a leisurely walk and a refreshing swim, a day out in Redcliffe hits all three

The gorgeous warm weather in Brisbane is continuing, and my family has been taking advantage by being out and about in the sunshine as much as possible.

We love a day out to the beach, but trying to fit toddler and kid naps around a long drive is getting difficult. So yesterday we had a day out in Redcliffe, and it was AMAZING.

Located by beautiful Moreton Bay, Redcliffe has a thriving esplanade of shops, cafes, markets on the weekend and the very cool Beegees Way if you are a music lover.

With glistening water and a lovely bay breeze, the locals have certainly made the most of their unique location, with Settlement Cove and Suttons Beach, both very popular destinations every day of the week.

So what does a perfect day out in Redcliffe consist of? Here is what I did over the weekend, hopefully it will inspire a day trip of your own.

1. Breakfast at Cafe Diversity

I stumbled across this place, drawn in by the welcoming smile of the owner and delicious sounding menu. With seating both outside with bay views, or inside with modern and stunning decor, I was absolutely blown away by this place.

First of all, the children's play area was incredible. An enclosed oasis, chocked with good quality toys and ipads on the walls, this is one of the best children's play areas I have seen yet. It is tucked right up the back inside so you can choose a table nearby without having to worry about your little humans running away.

Once the kids are sorted in the play area, the business of eating is next. The menu is modern and fresh and an ipad is also available to show you pictures of what to expect. I ordered the Nutritious Pancakes which came topped with fresh berries, coconut cream, nice cream and toasted almonds pistachios and marshmallows. YUM.

There were lots of other tempting options on the menu including a comprehensive kids menu. And great coffee of course.

2. Redcliffe Jetty Markets

Held every Sunday from 8am until noon, the markets are based on the Anzac Parade Parklands which is on the foreshore.

The markets feature live entertainment, fresh farm goods and produce, arts and crafts, handmade items, jewellery, clothing, children’s toys, exotic imports, ethnic food specialities and so much more.

I was lucky enough to go there on a day where there was a little animal nursery opened and my toddler went into fits of delight patting piglets, lambs, ducklings, guinea pigs and goats. Contact here to see when the animals will next be back.

3. Swimming at Settlement Cove and Suttons Beach

After you have had food, coffee and shopped until you dropped, next up is a swim! Luckily, there is two fantastic places to choose from. Suttons Beach is a surprisingly lovely beach where the kids will love having a splash.

There are lots of white open sandy space to dig sand castles, while you relax on the sand with a coffee. There is also playgrounds and bbqs nearby if you want to stay a bit longer.

Settlement Cove is Redcliffe's premier lagoon right on the bay. With pools designed for kids of all ages, it is so beautiful and relaxing, one of my favourite places to take my toddler. Read more about Settlement Cove here.

4. Playgrounds

Redcliffe have a couple of great playgrounds along the esplanade. Most notably is the very recently renovated one close to Sutton's Beach which is fully fenced and big enough for kids of all ages. There is another playground at the other end of the esplanade called Rotary Park.

So there you have it, the perfect day out in Redcliffe.

What are your favourite days out in Brisbane? Please let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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[INTRO A yummy breakfast, a leisurely walk, trip to the markets and a refreshing swim, a day out in Redcliffe hits it all! Here is your itinerary for a perfect family day out in Redcliffe]

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