Story and Rhyme Time at Brisbane Libraries

Our favourite free activity for babies and toddlers

I love reading to my baby and I am a sucker for some Wiggles style dancing. But there is only so many times I can read the same books over and over and recycle the same five nursery rhymes.

I have found [Link Babies, Books and Rhymes sessions] at my local library to be a lovely free activity to do each week.
It is part of the [Link First 5 Forever program], which is funded by the QLD Government. The idea is to make talking, reading and singing with your child part of your daily routine.

There are multiple sessions held each week at libraries all throughout Brisbane. Sessions run for about thirty minutes. During these COVID Safe times, pre booking is essential and some of the busier sessions do fill in.

The sessions that I attend at Sandgate library tend to be smaller, as it is a smaller library. If you go to a big library like Chermside, friends have told me that the sessions can have up to sixty attendees. That is a lot of rhymers!

Sessions include reading a story, singing nursery rhymes and having a clap along and a dance. You don’t get put on the spot, it's up to you how much you want to interact with everyone. It’s just a fun chance for both you and your baby to socialise and do something new.

Singing and dancing with your baby doesn't come naturally to all of us. You may feel a bit silly and shy at first. But don't worry, after a certain amount of time, you will get used to it.

These sessions are also great practice for first time mums in leaving the house with a new baby. We all know how difficult it can be to arrive somewhere by a specific time. Use the sessions as a chance to practice getting out the door with a nappy bag in tow and also to start making some mummy friends.

Babies, Books and Rhymes is aimed at infants and toddlers. Now that my son is almost one, we are going to start attending the Toddler Time sessions aimed at toddlers aged 1-2. There are multiple sessions each week in libraries across Brisbane and it’s the same concept of reading, singing, clapping and dancing.

If you have an older child, there are also Children’s Storytime sessions for ages 2-5 years. I have not attended these yet, but according to the website, the sessions include stories, songs and mark making activities for young children.

To find out more about sessions closest to you, check out the [Link Brisbane City Council] website and the [Link Moreton Bay Regional Council] website. You can find out the days, times and what type of session to suit you. Did I mention it is FREE? Some of the sessions are even held outside in the sunshine.

What is your favourite free activity to do with your baby or toddler? Please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


[INTRO If you are a mum to a baby, toddler or young child, then the Rhyme and Story Time sessions held at libraries throughout Brisbane is well worth checking out. They are fun and free, plus a great way to meet local Mums in your area.]

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