Tathe & Co Personalised Plush Dolls & Jutes

Tathe & Co Personalised Plush Dolls & Jutes

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Posted 2023-02-28 by Chandra Clementsfollow
Recently my little girl was gifted a Tathe & Co Plush Fox Doll. With her name embroidered across this sweet toy, it was quickly placed with pride on the centre of her bed. Inside the accompanying gift bag was a note from the owner of the company wishing that her doll will brighten her day. It did indeed. And her week and month.

Tathe & Co is a relatively new QLD business offering plush toys, bags, and essentials to put a smile on your child's face. With sweet bibs, bows and dummies, the dolls stand out as my favourite. The fact the dolls are personalised is a also big win. Choose from ballerina, fox, cat, rabbit, reindeer, snow princess, and unicorn designs and then add your child's name. At $35 per doll, they are reasonably priced. The plush bags and backpacks can be purchased online at around $44 to $49. Shipping is additional unless you spend over $99 in which case it's free. These are quality items and with three young children in my home tussling over each new toy that enters, quality is important.

Moving along, Tathe & Co also offer personalised Jutes . If you are looking for a gift for your mummy network or a bride-to-be, then the personalised Jutes may grab your interest. At $28-$30, and utilising classic neutrals and black in their styling, these bags offer you an answer to the question 'what can I get them?' Perhaps this is the right gift for your child's teacher at Christmas or a special thank you for that all-important mother, mother-in-law, sister, friend or aunt. I am particularly fond of the black and white bag with the customised embroidery. This is a step up from the generic gift purchased from anywhere and given to anyone.

Jump on the website and have a look for yourself. Meanwhile, I am needed upstairs as my girls squabble over which doll and toy belong to which sister. At least when dolls come with their names firmly printed on the front, it reduces the length of this discussion! May you enjoy the Tathe & Co website and its cool new products, knowing you are supporting a QLD business.


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