8 Healthy Food Ideas for Kids Parties in Brisbane

Some fantastic ideas for your child’s next birthday party or celebration!

Organising a party for your child can be a stressful and downright daunting experience. It’s all too easy to give in to buying bags of lollies, chocolates, chips and soft drinks. Preparing unhealthy food is easy, which is why so many of us just go for the easiest option. But keeping the kids happy and healthy doesn’t have to be challenging.

Because of Brisbane’s tendency to get rather hot, you may also want to provide snacking options that help keep the kids cool while they run around. There’s no shortage of great snacking options you can prepare for your kids on a regular day, but when it comes to parties, they might be expecting something a little more exciting.

Looking up some low-effort but tasty food options is always a good idea for any parent who wants to whip up something quickly for some hungry children. It’s well known that children can get particularly rowdy when their stomachs are grumbling, so being prepared with something filling and appetising is always a prudent move.

To give you some extra help, the following will take a look at some of the best snacks and small dishes you can prepare at your next children’s party. Of course, always make sure you label any food that may contain allergens and find out ahead of time if any guests will need to avoid them. The last thing you need are some hungry little kiddies unable to eat some of the prepared food because of allergies.


Homemade watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is a nutritious and refreshing alternative to sugar-filled soft drinks. Moreover, it’s perfect for a hot Queensland day, and it’s really easy to make! Add chopped watermelon pieces, a squeeze of lime and a dash of mint into a blender. Mix and serve.

Tip: freeze your watermelon before blitzing to make a delicious slushy. Kids love slushies, but they’re often chock full of sugar and nasties – a healthy alternative could go a long way in changing that!

Cacao-coated fruit skewers

Cacao is a super-healthy alternative to regular chocolate. Unlike processed chocolate, which loses most of its nutritional value through the roasting process, cacao is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Melt raw cacao powder, coconut oil, agave nectar and vanilla in a saucepan. You may want to add crushed cashews or almonds (be wary of allergy risks, however). Skewer your fruit of choice – bananas and strawberries work well – and dip in the melted cacao.
Serve on a platter.

Colourful smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to increase your children’s intake of fruit and seeds as the kids love the sweet taste – if you’re careful, you may even be able to sneak in a veggie or two! Ingredients like chia or hemp seeds, avocado, cucumber and spinach can be added in small doses if masked with fruits and yogurt. Personalise your smoothies by varying their ingredients to create each child’s favourite colour. Or, you could give each smoothie a theme, such as blue for Elsa or red for Spiderman.

Frozen yogurt pops

Not only are these a tasty, wholesome and easy-to-make party snack, but they’re visually gorgeous as well! Simply combine your fruit of preference (e.g. mango, berries, or banana) with some natural yogurt and a dash of honey in a food processor or blender. Give it a taste test and add more honey if you think it needs a little extra sweetness. Then pour the mixture into icy pop moulds, add a stick to each one and put in the freezer for about 5 hours.


Taco and burrito station

Kids love getting creative and being involved in the meal-making process. Set up a taco and burrito station on a table, load it with tacos, wraps, guacamole and yummy toppings. The kids will love making their own food, though feel free to step in and give them a hand, since you don’t want the station getting too messy. Remember, hygiene is important!

Potato Wedges

Crispy potato wedges are a tasty and healthy dish that kids adore. Simply hand-cut the potatoes and cover them in salt, garlic and chives, then bake until golden (baking, rather than frying, is a good way to reduce fat levels). You may also want to make a plain batch without seasoning for the fussier kids. Serve with tomato sauce or relish and sour cream. Fun fact: Potatoes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, fibre, resistant starch and antioxidants.

Mini quiches

Quiches are a great source of protein and veggies and are an easy way to get the kids to eat healthy without them realising they’re doing so. Make a batch of mini quiches using eggs, bacon, onion, spinach, cheese, parsley, cream and puff pastry. They cook in around 15 minutes, so feel free to make these up just before serving to keep them warm. A cold quiche won’t go down as well!

Cookie-cutter sandwiches

While most kids love sandwiches, you’ll get the occasional child who isn’t interested. Cutting the sandwiches into fun shapes (such as stars, hearts or dinosaurs) is an effective way to attract the attention of even the fussiest of eaters! Just make sure your sandwiches are tasty by using kid-friendly toppings or spreads. Ham and salad, cheese and tomato, egg and mayo, chicken and salad, or grilled cheese and spinach are all great options.

Once again, be aware of any allergies that you need to cater for. There are gluten-free breads available, so be sure to whip up a couple of those for any children unable to eat gluten.

When organising food for a kids party, there’s really no need to sacrifice nutrition for taste. With the huge range of delicious, healthy recipes online to choose from, it’s never been easier to cater for a children’s party in Brisbane.


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