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The secret to finding Mum friends in your local area

A topic that comes up constantly in discussions on Brisbane Mums Group, is how to meet other mums. Mum friends are so important for your sanity and emotional wellbeing, and having friends who are experiencing what you are experiencing is invaluable.

It's not always easy to find friends in your local area, especially when routines and life circumstances continually change. COVID has had a really big impact on us as parents, especially new Mums. The good news is that playgroup is operational face to face, as long as the school or community group has a COVID safe plan in place.

Credit: Playgroup Queensland Website

Playgroup Queensland is a useful website, which helps you find a playgroup in your local area. You just put in your address and what days you are looking for, and the search function filters playgroups by distance from you.

Most playgroups are attached to a community centre, school or a church. There is usually a safe play area for the kids, and the cost is either free or very low with a gold coin donation or up to $10 a week.

The website lists a contact person for the group to ask questions, what ages the group is appropriate for, availability and a bit more information about the group.

Some groups will also offer morning tea and coffee, a playground, or be for a specific group in the community, such as grandparents or a particular cultural background.

You can also become a member of Playgroup Queensland to have access to playgroups across Queensland as well as play activities and online resources, toy library membership and access to competitions, special offers and free events. Membership starts from just $25 for six months.

Playgroup is a great opportunity for you to socialise with parents in your local area and perhaps make some lifelong lasting friendships. As most groups meet weekly, you can get to know some familiar faces. It also gives your kids a chance to make friends and play with some new toys and equipment in a new environment.

For more information on Playgroup Queensland, visit their website. Or you can contact Playgroup Queensland on 1800 171 882 or email

Do you know of any other great ways to make some mum mates? Let us know in the Facebook comments! We would love to hear from you.

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[INTRO It is not always easy to find friends in your local area, especially when routines and life circumstances keep on changing. Playgroup Queensland helps you find a playgroup in your local area to start making new Mum friends. They are now back in operation and operating with COVID safe plans.]

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