Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became Pregnant

These are my experiences and I hope they are helpful to any beautiful mamas out there 😊

1. Not everyone gets morning sickness. I was expecting to be constantly vomiting all through my pregnancy but in fact I did not spew one single time. I worked right up til 7 months and the only thing that really affected me was the fatigue.

2. How to avoid stretch marks. I rubbed Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks and Gaia Belly Butter on my stomach, breasts, thighs and sometimes my bottom everyday from about 4 months and I did not get any stretch marks apart from one tiny little one on each hip. Considering my skin is very prone to stretch marks, I was stoked to discover this actually worked!

3. I wish I had purchased my Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow from Target a lot earlier. It was the single best thing I bought throughout my entire pregnancy. However at $69.99 it was a bit pricey and having looked elsewhere, it appears some shops may have it cheaper- so I'd recommend you shop around.

Dreamgenii Maternity Pillow

4. Make sure you find and purchase your nursing pillow before you have bub. I couldn't find one early on at my local shops so I just went without, thinking it was no big deal. I purchased one when bub was 5 months old and the difference it made on my back made me seriously wish I had got one a lot earlier!

5. I wish I had practised with the car seat and pram before bub was born. I recently read an article about the panic you feel as you are leaving the hospital and you realise that you don't know how to use the car seat. This is very true and scary! I wish I had sat on the floor of the lounge room and practiced putting a doll in and out of the car seat until I felt confident as well as practised putting the pram in and out of the car boot.

6. Where to buy maternity clothes.I had a bit of trouble finding maternity and nursing clothes that I liked. I found I had to really go out of my way to find anything and when I did the range was quite minimal. In the end, I had a couple of favourite places.

Jeanswest has some nice maternity clothes and they also have some discounted items at their DFO stores which are great. Target was pretty good too depending on which store and I fell in love with the beautiful items at H&M Garden City, which opened whilst I was pregnant.

One of my favourite purchases from H&M. Photo taken only a few days before bub was born

I spoilt myself and bought a pair of Peter Alexander maternity pjs and also a Peter Alexander nursing nighty that came with a matching dressing gown. I saved these items until the night we came home from the hospital and it felt really special to have something new and beautiful to put on. Again- a purchase I made from the Peter Alexander store at DFO by the airport, because why pay full price if you don't have to!

I also absolutely loved the Bonds store at DFO which have, in my opinion, the best discounts! They have quality, supportive nursing singlet tops, nursing bras and nursing crop tops.

Bub went through a stage where she would put her fingers so far back in her throat she would choke herself. Here she is in one of her Wondersuits with her hands in her mittens

Also the Bonds Wondersuits are my all time absolute favourite to dress bub in as they are extremely practical! They have built in socks and mittens (bub loves to throw them off) and they also have a zip to pull up from the bottom for an easy nappy change.

We took her to the shops in this Wondersuit with some mittens on. Somehow she threw it off and it went flying across the floor. Lucky I noticed!

I also purchased a breastfeeding dress online from Queen Bee which is great for discreet feeding and their free delivery makes purchasing very convenient.

7. The secret of the singlet suit. There is an overlapping material above the shoulder on some singlet suits that I recently found out are designed especially so you can hook your fingers through and pull down off bub rather than over their head. Something I wish I had known before those explosive, runny, new born poos!

8. I wish I had read about the wonder weeks/baby sleep myths/fourth trimester/breastfeeding advice on attachment before I had bub- not after. I think being armed with all this knowledge prior would have saved me a lot of sleepless nights and a rushed trip to the shops to buy the nearest Baby Bjorn in sight!

I truly believe these articles will be of great help! Learning about the wonder weeks and the three C's helped me to understand what my baby was going through BECAUSE WONDER WEEKS AND SLEEP REGRESSION IS A VERY DIFFICULT TIME. My bub is a pretty good sleeper and sometimes even sleeps through the night, however she hit those wonder weeks bang on cue! Right now I'm trying to get through the six month sleep regression and boy, is it hard! Likewise with reading up on the fourth trimester, unfortunately I was reading about it as it was happening so I'll be more prepared next time for sure 😉

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