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Your favourite Brisbane parks recommendations!

This week's topic in the [Link discussion group] was "Best Brisbane Parks for Toddlers" and we've collated the top answers from our Brisbane mums.

There are sure to be many more amazing Brisbane parks for toddlers, so if your favourite is not listed, please let us know so we can add it to the list.

1. [Link New Farm Park Playground]

Located on the Brisbane river with plenty of open areas for kite flying and bike rides, [Link v New Farm Park Playground], as well as the usual swings and slides, is home to a treehouse-like play area with bridge walks, and a dragon's nest climbing statue, plus a spiders web challenging enough for even the most active of kids to conquer.

"Good to know: A lot of the play equipment is integrated within the surrounding fig trees making New Farm Park perfect for any toddlers who love to climb!" - BMG Group member

"Newfarm Park Playground is AMAZING for kids of all ages." - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

2. [Link Biambi Yumba Park at Fig Tree Pocket]

The park is built around a lagoon resulting in beautiful views all around and the playground includes equipment such as a wooden fort and slide, tunnel slides, swings, merry go round and climbing the wall.

Good to know: The play area is shaded and also on soft fall flooring, perfect for any toddler accidents! - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

3. [Link Dorrington Park/Enchanted Forest Park, Ashgrove]

A well-known park jam-packed with play equipment and activities, which is perfect for younger kids. The park has a definite enchanted forest theme running all the way through and boasts many "magical' elements including a storytelling toadstool!

"Good to know: Parents, there's a cafe right next to the park in case you want to grab a coffee to take with you!" - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

4. [Link Rocks Riverside Park, Seventeen Mile Rocks]

[Link Rocks Riverside Park] has so many attractions, it’s hard to know where to start! With shallow pools and a man-made watercourse, this place is perfect for an overactive toddler on a warm summers day.

"Good to know: There are various areas of the park that can actually be hired out for events" - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

5. [Link White Hills Reserve Park, Cannon Hill]

This fully fenced playground at [Link Whites Hill Reserve] is huge and has a great variety of play equipment aimed at all ages. The on-site sensory area is perfect for wandering with little hands and will keep young ones more than occupied as well as various other features including sand and water play areas.

"Good to know: Across from the car park is a cafe that serves hot and cold drinks as well as a variety of snacks." - BMG Group member

"We love White Hills Reserve park at Cannon Hill. It has padding, grass, closed with gates around and different attractions for little babies and older ones." - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

6. [Link Karawatha Forest Park, Karawatha]

Not only is [Link Karawatha Forest Park] filled to the brim with wide open spaces, heaps of wildlife and walking tracks, but it is also home to the fascinating Discovery Centre. Not only would this day trip be lots of fun for kids, it'll be educational too!

Good to know: The discovery centre is open Tuesday to Sunday 9am-4pm and is free of charge to enter! - BMG Group member

"Karawatha Forest. Has an awesome outdoor rock and water play area, in addition to the walking trails. It has a Discovery Centre with a range of activities for kids to do!! A great place for family picnics and the entire family can enjoy." - BMG Group member

For more infrmation, [Link see here].

7. [Link Hidden World Playground, Fitzgibbon]

A vibrant playground filled to the brim with an array of different coloured climbing apparatus and fort like play equipment, perfectly suited to kids of all ages. The park is also completely sand based so pack up the kids buckets and spades and enjoy a day out at this hidden gem.

"Good to know: There's plenty of space around the play area itself for picnics, family walks or ball games." - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

8. [Link Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane]

A fun filled day out, [Link Roma Street Parklands] in the heart of Brisbane City not only offers numerous playgrounds for toddlers but also heaps of walking space and plenty to look at and explore including lawn gardens, forests and lakes.

"Good to know: Because there is so much to look at, little legs may get tired quite easily so you may want to bring bikes or scooters along with you." - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

9. [Link City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane]

Another City-based playground that makes the list, the Botanic Gardens playground is an "all abilities" playground featuring slides, bridges, climbing frames and various sensory panels.

"Good to know: The park itself is not fully shaded apart from by the surrounding trees, however, is it built on soft fall flooring to avoid any accidents." - BMG Group member

"The best park we have found is in the city botanical gardens. Super toddler-friendly, nice to watch the river and walk around the parklands." - BMG Group member

"We just visited that park last weekend and loved it! Very family orientated!" - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

10. [Link Settlement Lagoon and Park, Redcliffe]

A firm favourite with Brisbane mums and the perfect all day adventure, there literally is everything on offer here including children's playground, wading pools, water jets, water squirters and a large swimming lagoon. If that wasn't enough, there's also a nautically themed playground and it's also surrounded by large grassy picnic areas and bike paths.

"Good to know: During the busy times of the year, the pools are lifeguard patrolled to ensure safety for all." - BMG Group member

"We love going to Redcliffe, to the playground and the lagoon! We're new to the area though so still finding our way around." - BMG Group member

For more information, [Link see here].

Well that concludes our Useful List of the the best Brisbane parks for toddlers. Join our Brisbane Mums discussion group [Link HERE] and look out for our next useful list and make sure to contribute!

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[INTRO Here are some of the most recommended Brisbane parks for toddlers, as suggested by Brisbane Mums Group members.]

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