Brisbane's Best Obstetricians, Midwifery Services and Pre and Postnatal Classes

Welcome to another article in our 'Useful Lists' series - over the last couple of weeks on the discussion group, we have been inundated with comments about some of the amazing pre and post natal services available in Brisbane.

In this list you will find what some of our mums had to say about 'Brisbane's Best Obstetricians, Midwifery Services and Pre and Postnatal Classes'.

Our lists are continually updated and cover the best places for kids and parents across Brisbane, however we are aware that this list doesn't include all of the great services on offer, but it's a great place to start! Remember to always do your own research and make sure the service meets your personal needs.


Dr Melinda Heywood - Exxpectations
Address: Wesley Medical Centre, 40 Chasely St, Auchenflower 4066
Telephone: 07 3160 2100

"I had the most amazing obstetrician and her name was doctor Melinda Haywood from 'Exxpectations'! Will defiantly recommend doctor Haywood to anyone!" - BMG Member

Dr Len Yared - ONG Brisbane
Address: 643 Logan Rd, Greenslopes 4120
Telephone: 07 3394 1071

"I highly recommend Dr Len Yared at ONG. He delivers at the Mater Private. He was so calm and I had the most positive birthing experience - to the point where talking about the next baby is a pleasant topic of conversation." - BMG Member

"Len is a great OB!" - BMG Member

Dr Terry Sheahan
Address: Northwest Medical Centre, 125 Flockton Street, Everton Park 4011
Telephone: 07 3353 3100

"My OB Terry Sheahan did a great job, very happy with outcome." - BMG Member

"North west private & Dr Sheahan were fantastic!" - BMG Member

Dr Rozeena Musa
Address: Greenslopes Private Hospital, 111 Newdegate Street, Greenslopes 4120
Telephone: 1300 464 464

"Dr Rozeena Musa was great, gave me good advice and worked with me to have the safest birth for me and my birth plan wishes." - BMG Member

"She listened to everything I wanted & wasn't pushy." - BMG Member

" My obgyn was amazing! Dr Rozeena Musa! Highly recommend her." - BMG Member

Dr Stephen Cook
Address: Wesley Medical Centre, 40 Chasely St, Auchenflower 4066
Telephone: 07 3371 1777

"Our OB was Stephen Cook and he was amazing!" - BMG Member

"My OB was Stephen Cook. He was fantastic during pregnancy and labour plus emergency c-section." - BMG Member

Dr Robert Watson - Queensland Fertility Group
Address: Northwest Medical Centre, 125 Flockton Street, Everton Park 4011
Telephone: 07 3353 1258

"Used Bob for IVF and throughout my pregnancy. Very caring and on call for whenever I needed him." - BMG Member

Dr Stephen Elgey - Sunnybank Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Address: Times Square Building, 250 McCullough St, Sunnybank 4109
Telephone: 1300 366 126

"I can highly recommend Dr Stephen Elgey at Sunnybank Private. He is an amazing OBGYN with a great sense of humour. Very respectful of your wishes." - BMG Member

Eve Health
Address: Various Locations (see website for further details)
Telephone: 07 3332 1999

"Eve Health were the best obstetrics - Dr Peta Wright is amazing!" - BMG Member

Dr Brad Robinson
Address: Greenslopes Private Hospital, 111 Newdegate Street, Greenslopes 4120
Telephone: 1300 464 464

"As a first time mum with zero experience in anything baby-related, he was fantastic and made me and my partner feel at ease throughout the whole pregnancy process." - BMG Member

"I loved Dr Brad!!" - BMG Member

"I had Dr Brad, he was awesome!" - BMG Member

Dr Fiona Dalzell - River City Obstetric Group
Address: Mater Private Clinic, 550 Stanley St, South Brisbane 4101
Telephone: 07 3844 6411

"Dr Fiona Dalzell is fantastic, from start to end! She listens and doesn't miss a thing. Definitely will be seeing her again!" - BMG Member


My Midwives - Brisbane North
Address: 189 Latrobe Tce, Paddington 4064
Telephone: 07 3118 5240

"I had the most amazing birth thanks to my private Midwife Karen at My Midwives Brisbane North." - BMG Member

"MyMidwives Brisbane North offer post birth services. They offer home visits as well as in their practice at Paddington. It made the first few weeks so smooth having someone dedicated to us and our daughter who helped establish breastfeeding, identify tongue tie, recommend other services as well as answer all those questions we had." - BMG Members

Mater Midwifery Group Practice
Address: Mater Mothers Hospital, Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane 4101
Telephone: 07 3163 1968

"Mater midwives group practice. Amazing- you get your own midwife, antenatal classes and care as well as 6 weeks post natal care. Best bit is you don't have to stay at the hospital after your birth! They are super hands on post baby. All completely free just need a referral from GP. Highly recommend - my friend went private and got not even half the amount of care I received!" - BMG Member

"Amazing group of midwives who go above and beyond. I am so grateful to have delivered my two babies with the same midwife. The post birth care for six was also fabulous." - BMG member

"The midwives there are beyond words fabulous! The care myself and my baby received was second to none. I was so grateful for such support and care as a public patient." - BMG Member

Hazel Mastin - New Life Midwifery
Address: 29 Burnett St, Sadliers Crossing, Ipswich 4305
Telephone: 07 3282 9614

"The most amazing and wonderful private midwife I will sing her praises for many moons to come. We had the most amazing VBAC birth absolute zero intervention." - BMG Member

"She is just amazing!" - BMG Member


Calmbirth Brisbane - Antenatal Class
Address: 115 Haid Rd, Auchenflower 4066
Telephone: 1300 769 642

"Highly recommend the Calmbirth Classes - such a nice weekend to really learn more and actually have a moment to discuss everything birth with your partner and other expecting couples." - BMG Member

Mr Dad - Antenatal and Parenthood Class for Expectant Fathers
Address: 119 Lamington St, New Farm 4005
Telephone: 0431 818 636

"My husband was so overwhelmed by the class at the hospital and was nervous to ask questions with me there and felt like he wasn't given enough information as a dad to be who wanted to be the most effective birth partner. He walked out of Mr dad class feeling more empowered for what he could do on the day and I felt like he was so calm and prepared to support me." - BMG Member

Breastfeeding Cafe - Lactation Consultant
Address: Various Locations

"Always good to have a lactation consultant on your team. Every mum has a breastfeeding challenge or two. Loretta has helped me out so many times!" - BMG Member

Be in Blossom, Chermside - Pre and Postnatal Fitness
Address: 590 Gympie Rd, Chermside 4032
Telephone: 0488 001 105

"I loved going to Be in Blossom for post natal fitness classes. Looking after myself and my sanity in getting more work-outs in was the best thing I did post birth." - BMG Member

FITabulous Personal Training - Postpartum Fitness Classes and Personal Training
Address: Clayfield 4011
Telephone: 042 184 8776

"I was super keen to start exercising again but was a little nervous because of my recent c-section. I started exercising with Jade from Fitabulous PT and she was awesome. She modified the exercises for me and really helped me to get back into my fitness regime."

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