How to win the battle against HEADLICE

Hello fellow mums!

We've all had that dreaded moment where we've seen our kids start scratching their head... The very thought makes us begin to itch our own scalps... I'm scratching right now just thinking about it.

We've all got a story to tell when it comes to fighting those awful parasites and what a relief it is to know that we are not alone.

If we all band together and share our advice ladies, we'll be one step closer to not having to battle those pesky lice again!

The first topic I would like to discuss is the most important- prevention.
There are definitely plenty of things we can do to try and prevent head lice such as making sure our girls keep their hair up, preferably in a pony tail with a braid as well. A french braid or bun are also great ideas.
Here's a great tutorial on how to french braid.

It's also a great idea to spray some all natural organic hair spray at the roots as lice do not like the smell and taste and the hard outer shell also makes it more difficult for them to crawl their way in.

Another prevention tactic is to make sure your kids are aware. Write their name in their hats and any other accessories that may go in their hair. Have the conversation with them that it's great to be kind and share but it's best to use their own hats and hoodies.

In addition to this make sure your kiddies know to make you aware straight away if they are itchy. Check them regularly anyway so if they do happen to catch any lice, you can get a handle on it before it gets out of control.

Here's a 3 step guide to checking for them.

There are also some great organic daily lice repellent sprays you may want to try.

(I absolutely cannot stop scratching my scalp the entire time I write this)

Now what to do if the nits become a real problem and your poor wee little one gets an infestation of those awful little critters.

You may want to consider a haircut. If your child has hair down to their waist, it will make it more difficult for you to rid their hair of nits and keep them away.
If you're unable to take them to a hairdresser, here's a fantastic tutorial to do it yourself.

There are all manner of head lice formulations/treatments on the market, as well as electric combs, nit combs and so-called “natural” treatments which can still contain chemicals.

No matter what kind of lice-killing products you try, combing is the key. You cannot get rid of lice until you've plucked every last egg out unfortunately, so this is my recommendation:

You will want to arm yourself with the following:
A tail comb
Sectioning clips
A lice and nit comb

1. Place your beautiful child out in the sun as all the lice will rise to the top.
2. Begin by running the comb through the top of the head to catch any that took the bait and then place the hair into a hot cross bun section (which is just a part in the hair beginning from the top to the nape of the neck and another part from ear to ear).
3. Take 2cm sections from the bottom using sectioning clips and comb through thoroughly making sure to remove any eggs. The smaller the sections the more thorough you will be. Continue this until you have completed the whole head.
4. Repeat the next morning and evening over again until you are sure they are completely removed.

Also be sure to remove and clean all bedding and any hats/hair accessories such as combs and brushes that come into contact with your child's hair. Then making sure to put their hair up and regularly using lice repellent should do the trick!

Good luck, I wish you all the best in your fight against lice!

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