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Up Close with the Animals of Walkabout Creek

Australia is fortunate to have an abundance of unique wildlife which are known worldwide creating intrigue and beauty. The Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre in Brisbane's inner north is home to a variety of species where visitors can meet, watch and get up close to some of our rare and well-loved species of animals.

The Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre adjoins the Enoggera Reservoir at 60 Mt Nebo Road, The Gap, 12 kilometres from Brisbanes' Central Business District. Australia's world-famous film, Crocodile Dundee starring Paul Hogan took Australia to the world in the 1980s and featured Mick Dundee stopping for a drink at the Walkabout Creek Hotel. Coincidence?

Many of the animals at the centre are rescued and are cared for and rehabilitated in the care of the onsite Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services rangers.

Entry to the centre is via a newly refurbished outdoor deck which leads you through a set of glass doors to the reception and merchandise area where you select a gift to take home, pick up some handy information brochures and buy your tickets to see the animals. The centre has two viewing areas - an indoor series of undergrown tunnels with glass tanks for the smaller animals and 4 outdoor enclosures for the larger species.

Here is a selection of some of the animals you can see at Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre.

The Outdoor Enclosures
The outdoor area is connected by a series of wooden walkways which are user-friendly and match with the natural setting of tall, mature native trees.

One of the newer residents to the centre is a Short Beaked Echidna, sometimes called a spiny ant eater due to their distinctive, pointy spines on their backs. The long, spines are a defensive mechanism to fend off predators. While they don't have teeth, the echidna does have a long tongue which is used to scope up ants, termites, worms and larvae.

The Emus
While the very cheeky emu Dash has been a longer-term resident of the centre, he is now accompanied by a second emu. Both are striking with an impressive and striking plume of brown and cream feathers and are very inquisitive and ready to say hello as visitors walk by. These flightless creatures are the second tallest birds in the world behind the ostrich.

Billy the Common Wombat
While Billy is one of three types of wombat in his breed, he is anything but common. With a home set amongst burrows and hollow tunnels and runs, this adorable marsupial waddles and wiggles his way within his centre.

Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo
The most unexpected find was a small kangaroo perched in a tree. That's right. The Lumholtz tree kangaroo can be found at the first of the outdoor enclosures. Resembling a small wallaby and a possum, this near-threatened and rare marsupial is named after the Norwegian explorer Carl Sofus Lumholtz who was the first to record the specimen in 1883. The long tail, however, is unmissable.

Underground set of tunnels where you can see several critters and creatures, some scaley, some slippery and some scampering.

Freshwater Crocodile
The Freshwater Crocodile came to the centre in 2021 after a member of the public delivered it as a hatchling to a Childers zoo on May 10 and didn’t leave any contact details. The zoo proprietor believes the freshwater crocodile was taken from the wild in the Mt Isa area a few months earlier.
Unfortunately, the freshwater crocodile cannot be released to the wild because rangers are unsure if it was exposed to any other animals, which could potentially have exposed it to disease.

Freshwater Crocodiles are usually found in the Cape York region, the Townsville region and the Burdekin region.

Some of the smaller critters on display include desert mice, a rather imposing python, turtles, lizards, lungfish, lichen and more.

Walkabout Cafe
After you have finished, maybe grab a cold drink and a light snack at the expansive wooden and covered Walkabout Creek Verandah Cafe. You will feel like you are sitting among the birds and enjoying the views of the Enoggera reservoir.

Or perhaps head down to the water's edge and jump in for a swim, a gentle paddle in a canoe, or stand-up paddle boarding in the cool waters after a walk on the hiking trails.

With so much to do, you may need more than one day to experience it all.

The Discovery Centre is open 7 days from 9am to 4pm.

Admission tickets (single visit)
Adult $8.90
Concession (tertiary students, pensioners, concession card holders) * $6.10
Child (4 to 17 years inclusive) $4.25
Family (2 adults and up to 2 children) $22.90

The rangers host daily educational talks for the following species:

11am – Wombat
1pm – Estuarine Crocodile
2.30pm – Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo

Overall, it is smaller than the larger dedicated zoos like Lone Pine and Australia Zoo and has fewer displays, but it is easy to access, cost-effective and has a natural, environmental feel. It is also easy to tour in a short space of time making it a great morning or afternoon activity.. And being only 20 minutes from the CBD, what could be better?

While Walkabout Creek can be accessed by car, with The Gap Park n Ride terminus close by.

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