7 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Grocery Shopping

One of the main expenses in life is grocery shopping. Not only does it eat into our time, it also massively increases our fortnightly expenditure.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to grocery shopping, resulting in unnecessary spending and a large amount of food waste. Here are a few tips on how you can reduce the cost of food shopping for you and your family.

1. Location, Location, Location
It’s common knowledge that certain areas have increased prices when it comes to groceries, where as less affluent locations may have slightly lower costs.

Why not try shopping in the next suburb over once in a while and see if it makes a difference?

2. Freeze, Freeze, Freeze
If you’re like me and struggle to always prepare the right amount of food for your family, ending up with tonnes of leftovers, then freeze it!

Sauces, chillies, curries and stews will always freeze brilliantly and as a plus, they will feed the family for another evening, meaning a night free from cooking as well as reducing costs.

3. Lunch on a budget
Another great thing to do with leftovers? Take it for lunch the next day. Pop it in the fridge and stick a post it note on the door so you don’t forget it in the morning.

Voila! No need to spend money on expensive lunches again!

4. Don't be a brand snob
Just because you are used to picking up a certain brand of food, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. As creature’s of habit, it can sometimes be hard for us to change something that we’re used to buying on a weekly basis - but why not see if there is a cheaper alternative?

Try it out, if it falls short on taste, revert back, but you may just end up finding a more delicious, cheaper dupe.

5. Avoid daily grocery grabbing
The thing that most of us are guilty of - nipping to the supermarket after work because you need one thing and coming out with 3 full bags of unnecessary groceries.

It’s always best to plan the weeks/fortnights meals in advance and do a “big shop” all in one go, helping us to reduce the amount of money we spend on a daily basis.

6. Shop Wisely
A lot of the time it’s easier to find everything all under one roof, however visiting your local fruit and veg market for certain items rather than the supermarket can equal big savings!

You should also change up your supermarkets - Aldi can be a great alternative to the main competitors for certain staple items as well as fresh meat.

Even though it may take more time to spread your shopping trip around, the reduction in cost usually makes up for it!

7. Check your junk mail
All those annoying catalogues you get in the mailbox? Don’t throw them out! Take the time to have a quick look at them and find out what’s on sale and where.

It may well be something you purchase on a regular basis so why not take the opportunity to buy in bulk!


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