Resilience Coaching

Is something in your life holding you back? Discover the power of resilience coaching and get back on track.

Are you finding parenting particularly challenging at the moment? How would you like to bounce back from negativity easier or develop better coping skills? Resilience Coaching empowers you or your family to respond to life in a more resilient way.

Resilience Coaching will help you focus on the area of your life that you feel you are not thriving in, such as work or family. A Resilience Coaching session will zone in on what is negatively impacting your sense of resilience, and you'll end the session with resources to help you get back on track.

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It’s ideal for parents who want to learn how to cope better with the demands of family life, or gain insight into practical tools for helping their child to develop more resilience.

Meet Nicki. She’s a counsellor, mentor and author and mum who has created and facilitated dozens of resilience workshops for organisations such as Griffith University and The Relaxation Centre of Queensland.

Not only does Nicki have years experience working with clients, but she has also created many fantastic tools to quickly help her clients get to the heart of their challenges, make change and feel more empowered, less stressed and more resourceful.

As a mum to son Sam, Nicki is both passionate about being a mum and about finding balance among the demands of a busy life as a mum and juggling other roles.

Along with Resilience Coaching Sessions, Nicki provides mentoring sessions to suit your situation, including for parents, businesses and entrepreneurs, couples, career mentoring or teen mentoring, plus counselling services.

Often one session is all that is needed. You will become more aware of your strengths, how to better utilise them, and how to develop new strengths.

So why not check out Resilience Coaching for yourself and feel empowered to overcome the challenges that parenting throws at you. Check out The Inspiration Couch today.

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